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Anonymous: How did you do this. How did you recover from anorexia? How are you not down right miserable every single damn day and always feeling fat even though you're not and unable to handle the weight gain and how do you not go to bed crying every night, aching with nostalgia, wanting to go back because everything felt better when you were numb and how did you do this. How are you happy in recovery when i'm so completely miserable I want to die. How did you do this? what am I missing? Please help.

This post broke my heart.

I have been where you are, when I wasn’t anywhere near where I am now. Trust me, it’s all time and patience and hard work and tears. That’s the difference. I’ve moved past it. You’re still stuck in it.

Something will change in you as long as you keep fighting on. One day, you will realize that recovery is worth it. And then recovery will be less than a chore, because you will realize your own self-worth. You see the weight gain for what it is. You see the eating even when you’re not hungry for what it is. You see every challenge for what it is. One step closer to real life is what it is.
And then you don’t take steps, you take leaps. And bounds. And then you arrive. And you are recovered and so so happy and so so fulfilled.

You are only missing the recovered part. Remember I am healed, but you are still healing. It’s acceptable to still feel pain where you are. But for me, I’m pain-free. That is the only difference. Remember I was like you and I felt like you do. But I kept pushing on.

That’s the only difference here babe. I have won the fight that you are still fighting. So don’t give up, if you want to be just like me. It’s much nicer over here :)


Anonymous: How are you finding being at home for the holidays? Are you there for a couple of weeks or just a short stay? x

Great, really! Love seeing my family and the few friends I have or will be catching up with. :) shopping, relaxing, not moving much (baha), resting, eating lotssssssss because it’s Easter AND Holidays… Pretty darn good if you ask me. Wish my Dad was home more but oh well!

I will be here til I think Tuesday next week… so it was only just over a week’s stay :( better than nothing though! I have to go back for the photoshoot and some other organizational things.

Anonymous: I'm going out with friends tomorrow for brunch and I was wondering you could suggest the perfect outfit? xx (ps I have tonnes of clothes so just suggest whatever you think would look amazing I'll probably own something similar lol. I'm in Briz too).

Hey babe oh how funny I’m going out to breaky with Alana tomorrow too :) OKAY FOR YOU I SUGGEST THE FOLLOWING. Either a cute pair of floral/ patterned shorts (high waisted is my love forever and always but you do as you please) with a plain singlet/ t-shirt (think black, white, grey or a colour in the short pattern), sandals/ cute boots and frilly socks or some sort of platform shoe like a windsor smith. Feel free to pair with a wide brimmed hat and some accessories.

A maxi skirt, with or without a leg split (love a good leg split though) and either a light jumper or a cropped fitted or loose singlet/ t-shirt style top, a statement necklace or a head piece.

A flowy skirt and top combo, keeping it nice and simple with some really funky shoes or high top converse and a really bright bag (I would wear a hat with any of these outfits tbh)

A dungaree/ overall and top combo with jellys or windsor smith platform type shoes. You don’t need much for accessories with that at all because the outfit is super cute by itself :)

Mwah xxx


This boy at Target asked if I would hold his hand because his ex girlfriend just walked in with a new guy, so naturally I felt bad and held his hand while strolling around Target for a bit. Then it donned on me, with no other couple in sight, that was the best damn pick up line ever pulled.

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Anonymous: Opinion on Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie Kardashian (separately and together)?

Okay totez in love with Kendall and Kylie, they’re both stunning. Kim and Khloe are really entertaining in my opinion (I seriously lol, they are funny people) and you know the kind of show they are in is poking fun at their lives, so they understand that I’m sure. Together I think they create a huge dramatic mess that sells well but it can be entertaining if you’re in the right mood! I know I can watch them and have a bit of a giggle ;)

Anonymous: Do your parents get frustrated with you for not having a job in Sydney yet?

They want what is best for me. They would prefer for me to have a job, but as long as I am not poor (which I am not, because I budget accordingly and watch my money spending and don’t buy anything of luxury like clothes, products etc just the bare essentials) while I don’t have a job, they are okay with it. But I am looking for work that is suitable which is hard, but they don’t mind me being unemployed as long as I am trying.

Anonymous: What are your favourite foods and what are the best ever meals you've had in your life.

Oh my god hard questions!!!

I am going to go with foods I can eat all year round (so stuff like hot cross buns etc. fall out of the picture as they are seasonal) favourite foods… any kind of breakfast food (cereal, muesli, smoothies, pancakes, stuff on toast etc. etc.), fruits, dairy free alternatives (including ice cream), hummus, PB, vegetables, chocolate, acai bowls, raw desserts, biscuits, pasta, stirfries, potato (especially sweet potato fries and mash), burgers, vegan nachos, toasties, sandwiches… so many favourite foods don’t do this! Also baked goods. Can’t forget baked goods. And raw food bars lol I cannot STOPPPPPPP.

Best meals hmm… I have loved earth to table’s deliciousness, paleo cafe’s deliciousness, about life’s deliciousness (all recent) basically every cafe I’ve ever been to that I rave about being good or go to more than once… BUT I will give you a proper answer. Wholefoods in the US provides the goods, as does Babycakes NYC bakery. But I cook some pretty mean stuff too, and Australia has the goods too don’t get me wrong.

YOU KNOW I CANNOT MAKE DECISIONS OR PICK FAVOURITES :( sorry anon for my lack of decision making skills.

Ask me shizzzzzzzzzzzzz please
Happy Good Friday everyone :)

Juliann Garey, Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See
Anonymous: Hey Chelsea! I eat really healthily (often and well too) but I feel guilty like I don't do enough exercise.. I'm a teenager and I try not to sit down for long periods of time and at least walk everyday but I feel so lazy and fat because I don't do intense 'workouts' often! How should I approach this? x

Hey baby girl! This is a great topic.

I’m a big exercise advocate… if you feel like it. Obviously, exercise for me is always going to be in my life, as it (dancing) is a form of exercise. I also love to et healthy, nutritious foods to make me feel good and help me perform at peak. That being said, I also enjoy what people say are “unhealthy foods, treats etc.” but what I do not call that (I believe these “treat” foods aren’t actually treats because they are part of a balanced diet, so cake and ice cream and whatever else you want to classify as “unhealthy, treats” are actually just part of a healthy diet!). I eat everything and anything. And I love my dancing and it makes me feel good, and it’s an added bonus that it keeps me fit healthy and strong too.

However, I do not go to the gym. I’ve never had a gym membership. I don’t have a personal trainer. I don’t have an exercise program. I don’t do extra exercise outside of my dancing, except maybe go for a very relaxed walk on my days off/ during the holidays or maybe take a yoga class or two when I have the time/ energy.

I know a lot of very fit and healthy people who do not go to the gym! The gym, or intense workouts, are not necessary but society makes it seem like it is right? WRONG/ NOT. If you go for at least a walk every day that is totally enough! You don’t have to exercise every day because you feel you have to, exercise because you want to/ it’s going to make you feel good/ you have the time and you would like to!

If you are making yourself exercise every day you might want to see someone and talk about it because it sounds a bit obsessive/ like an exercise addiction. And they can be really not healthy. Intense work outs do not mean health! Gym memberships do not mean health! Health is relative to you babe.

If you are not overweight or underweight for your body, eat a varied healthy balanced nutritious diet and are mentally healthy to boot you are doing just fine. If you wanted to change your exercise regime, I recommend talking to a doctor or a professional in the health field first. It’s so important to get some advice. But make sure your motivation is not motivated by something unhealthy mentally.

But for me, I think if you go for a walk most days a week you are doing great! Most people wouldn’t even do that, you know? I know a lot of teenagers who barely exercise at all. Social media makes it seem like intense activity is what everyone is doing, but that’s not really true :)

If you want to chat more off anon please do! I am here to help anyone and everyone and give as much advice as I can. Especially while I’m on holidays and I too am sitting on my butt all day. Rest/ listening to your body and respecting it is SO important it kills me.

Happy easter baby girl, enjoy yourself, don’t worry about exercise like that and please eat some chocolate and hot cross buns and have a swell time! Even if they are GF DF and vegan hot cross buns and choccy like me :) “treat” yourself. xx